[SexArt.com | MetArt.com] Betzz – Loving Awakening (2024)


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Gorgeous brunette Betzz is roused by the sound of running water, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Loving Awakening” begins. She strolls into the bathroom to find Dave Candle in the shower and he pulls her into an amorous embrace, the water turning her white shirt transparent as it clings to her sexy body. Dave peels it off along with her drenched panties, then leads her back to bed, where he sucks her nipples, licks her shaved pussy, and fingers her to an intense orgasm. He penetrates her in missionary, gazing into her eyes as he fucks her vigorously. Betzz is eager to suck her flavor from Dave’s thick cock with a voracious blowjob, before straddling him and riding to another powerful climax. They switch to spoons and he plows into her from behind, making her orgasm again and filling her with a hot load of cum. Sticky and sated, they return to the shower together.

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