[nubilefilms.com] Jade Maris, Liz Jordan – No Need For A Guy When You Have Me – S10:E5 (2024)


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Roommates Liz Jordan and Jade Maris have come home from a St. Patrick’s Day party. While Liz grabs something from the fridge, Jade takes her shoes off and eyes Liz’s pussy beneath her miniskirt. When Liz joins Jade by the counter, the girls get to talking.

Liz can tell that something is wrong with Jade. After a little bit of back and forth, Jade admits that there was supposed to be a guy at the party that she intended to hook up with. Liz quickly gives Jade a much-needed boost with the confession that she’s had a crush on her roommie forever.

Coming together in a kiss that’s been ages in the making, the girls immediately move forward to some hands-on action. They relocate to the bedroom where they plump each other’s tis while removing their dresses, getting skin to skin in a way they’ve wanted for so long.

Easing Jade onto the bed, Liz slowly kisses her way down her girlfriend’s body. She settles in between Jade’s thighs, licking and blowing her hot breath to make Jade squirm. When Liz finally gets down to the business of pussy eating, Jade can’t help her sweet moans.

As soon as she’s brought Jade off, Liz plants her pussy on her roommate’s face. The position is perfect, letting Jade hook her arms around Liz’s thighs to squeeze her ass. Liz can even lean forward to complete the lesbian 69 and give them both full indulgence!

Scooting forward so that she’s on her knees with her arms dangling off the bed, Liz squeals as Jade continues to demonstrate that she’s got some pussy eating skills. Before Jade can think that they’re done, though, Liz grabs a vibrator and brings her to heaven one last time before they exchange a long and loving kiss.

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