Hairy Bitchy Grandmas (2024)


Starring: Jozsefne, Simona, Viktoria, Zsuzanna, Gabor, Henrik, Janos, Libor
Category: Age, Appearance, Blowjobs, Clothing, Granny, Hairy, Mature, Oral, Pantyhose & Stockings, Rimming, Rimming – M on F

If you like your porn stars to be young and smooth then there’s every good chance that you’ll need to move on from this latest offering from the aptly named Furryland. For those of you who love what this studio produces, however, you’re gonna be in seventh heaven courtesy of the natural-looking sluts here; as a collection of unshaven grannies take every inch in their stride to enjoy dick after dick like the aging whores they are. And believe us, there’s plenty of young men who are clearly only too happy to take full advantage of their cravings, which include getting fucked down the throat and up the cunt with equal vigour. All of which soon results in a cascade of spunk, to leave each one of these bitches soaked and utterly content!

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