[ExploitedCollegeGirls.com | Excogi.com] Chelsea – First Orgasm From Penetration (2023)


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Sorry for the delay this morning everyone, technical difficulties. But we have a doozie for you all so meet Chelsea. She’s a fun loving dog walker / full time trainer who hasn’t had sex in 3 months! Well it’s not by choice everyone because you’re a hottie girl and you’ve also got a smile that lights up the room. You know you’re hot, and what else? Your lips look like they were made for sucking honey and thankfully it’s one of Chelsea’s favorite things to do she admitted. But the other absolutely gorgeous feature of this hottie was what was between her legs because she’s sporting one of the smallest and most beautiful pussies we have ever seen, and we’ve seen our fare share of Vagina. Fun Fact: Chelsea has never had a Vaginal Orgasm from just penetration, and I can understand why! It’s so small, wet and tight that most guys only last 15 to 20 minutes in there she confessed. Well that’s about to change today and things are going and start happening to you NOW girl because Tyler Nixon is always up for the challenge and almost psychotically needs to be the first to give or do something, anything to a girl when she says she never had something before. Well it happened at (28:24) during Orgasm #3 and the look of utter amazement on her face when that oh so illusive first Vaginal Orgasm from just penetration overtook her is priceless. Let’s see what else, she used a Magic Wand for the first time and absofuckinglutely loved it and even Squirted at (50:29) as Mr. Black Shirt massaged her Clit while she gobbled on Tyler’s stiff Cock. It was the first time two guys had ever done anything sexually to her at the same time and now she’s had a taste and wants more. I knew she was going to love it because she confessed that going to a sex club and having people watch her and her ex-boyfriend having sex was, and still is, her number one fantasy. It’s why they also broke up, and after Chelsea divulged this and her desire to have a threesome with another girl was well? Just too much for her vanilla ex to handle. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots, or only five?” no not that. That’s a famous Clint Eastwood movie quote from Dirty Harry, and I’m sure it was just little old “Performance Anxiety” that kept him from fucking his hot girlfriend from behind as she licked some other hot girls pussy. Sounds like a great time to me actually, but I suppose it’s hard enough NOT pleasing one girl and the thought alone of letting down two or more at the same time was I guess worth losing her over. Guys? Here’s some advice. You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you never take. Meaning, if your girlfriend wants to have a threesome with another girl? Just do it, because she secretly wants to lick pussy and will eventually do it WITH, or WITHOUT you. I would prefer to be involved and fail than to have never been involved at all. But that’s just me. So with that I’ll say once again enjoy this one everyone, and until next weeks update cheers! Steve

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