Dorm Room Education


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Genre: Teens, Schoolgirls, Cunnilingus, Erotic Vignette, Family Roleplay, Lesbians, Feature, Rimming, Tribbing
Duration: 01:52:48

Cast: Charlie Forde, Demi Hawks, Kendra James, Kimmy Kimm, Shay Sights, Sophia Burns

A stepmom, Charlie Forde, and her stepdaughter, Sophia Burns, are having an ongoing affair right under the nose of Charlie’s wife. When Sophia returns home from college, they get down and dirty, having passionate sex in the kitchen… when the wife unexpectedly comes home early! Demi Hawks gazes around her new dorm room in awe while her stepmom, Shay Sights, puts the finishing touches on Demi’s bed. Demi then joins her and asks if Shay can stay over to help her settle into her new surroundings. Shay is touched, especially when Demi invites her to share the bed as a means of offering comfort for them both for this big life change. It’s Kimmy Kimm’s first day at a new school and, since it’s a private school, she now has to wear a school uniform with a cute skirt. But before she leaves the house, her stepmom, Kendra James, can’t help but get aroused by the sight of her stepdaughter in said uniform. After Kimmy leaves, Kendra shakes off the improper thoughts… But when Kimmy later comes home from school and lies down on the floor in front of her to do some schoolwork, Kendra’s temptations resurface.