[BreedingMaterial.com | TeamSkeet.com] Sage Rabbit – Preg-wish Cum True (2024)


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Sage is ready to get pregnant and be a mom, but her boyfriend keeps shooting blanks. Her pussy desperately shouts for a seed, but her man Jacob isn’t giving any, so she is deeply frustrated. She sincerely loves him, but her cum cravings are even more powerful. In an act of desperation and lust, she devises a plan to get some extra help. To double her chances at impregnation, she recruits Donnie and Robbie, two strangers eager to bury their boners inside of her. She doesn’t want them pulling out at any cost. She needs their cum to penetrate deep inside so that she can fulfill her life’s purpose and get a belly bump. Jacob isn’t happy about it, but Sage is determined to be impregnated at any cost. The guys get right to work, fucking her hard and making sure to get as deep as they can. Knowing what she is doing is taboo makes the sex with Donnie and Robbie all the better. She’s ready to be bred, and she can feel in her heart that it’s finally about to happen. She’s had enough fruitless creampies – now she wants the real thing.

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