Voracious Holidays


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Genre: Dutch, Amateur, Big Dicks, Couples, European, Gonzo, Outdoors
Duration: 01:16:43

Cast: Mandy, Rachel, Rob, James, Morgan, Wesley

Holidays are always one of the happiest times of the year free time spent doing exactly what you want to do, and enjoying the great outdoors. But for these young Dutch beauties the prospect of vacation takes on a whole new level of meaning; as they make sure that their time away from the usual routine is packed to the rafters with as much hard cock as it’s possible to find. What’s more, it’s not a particularly difficult search; and before you know it the likes of Mandy and Rachel are down on their knees sucking as much hard dick as possible, before parting their legs and relishing an alfresco fuck to remember. No question about it, this is a Dutch treat all round; with oodles of jizz getting shared by all for a truly memorable finale!