[TheLifeErotic.com | MetArt.com] Simon, Elza – Mannequin (2023)


Tags : Blonde, Bondage, Brunette, Dildo, Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation, Shaved, Barefoot, Vibrator, Latvian

Sexy raven-haired Polish submissive Simon stands bound in a lobby, wearing only a black wet-look minidress that shows off her large, natural breasts. Elza A, her Dominant lesbian lover, inspects her, caressing her tits with gloved hands. Dressed in PVC, leather, and high-heeled thigh-boots, the blonde flaunts her own perfect rack in a topless dress as she strips the helpless but willing brunette naked.
Elza squats to lick and playfully bite Simon’s ass, then kneads her globes, pinches her nipples, and teases her shaved pussy. Next, she grabs a leather paddle – and the real kink begins. She strokes it over Simon’s slim curves, then punishes her breasts. As she spanks them they quiver and wobble, then she subjects them to voracious, sucking kisses, smacking her lips as she tongues and slurps on the stiff nipples.
Simon’s firm butt gets a spanking, too, then Elza shoves her paddle between the brunette’s teeth and gives her snatch some attention. As the blonde licks a couple fingers and slips them inside, Simon moans around the paddle. Soon, Elza is chowing down, filmed ‘upskirt’ as her tongue lunges at Simon’s crotch and she nips her thighs. A little more spanking warms the submissive’s buns, then Elza retrieves a large wand vibrator.
She works it over Simon’s body then presses the huge head against her clit, punctuating her pleasure with more paddling, hand-slaps, and squeezes to her tits. She tastes her girl’s cream off of the vibe – then, craving more, she sits to lap it from the source, while buzzing her own trimmed pussy.
Soon, it’s all about her own pleasure and she sprawls back, sucking on Simon’s pedicured toes as she vibes herself to an intense, screaming orgasm. All the brunette can do is look on in envy and frustration, at least until her Mistress is totally satisfied. Then, as Elza kisses her passionately, she dares to hope that she may get to cum too.

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