Pumping Ethel (1989/VHSRip)


Starring: Aja, Tammy Sue, Tom Byron, Clyde Wheeler, Ron Jeremy, Dexter, Lynn LeMay

Somewhere on the lonely highways of our land stands the last full service station in the country, Clyde’s. It’s not only a station that still has Ethyl gasoline, there are others who can say that, Clyde’s has something really special- Ethel (the fabulously beautiful Aja).With Ethel at the other end of a hose there is bound to be some serious pumping going on. Set in the Deep South, this little station has some of the hottest pumps and cleanest outhouses in the world,run by Billy Bob (Tom Byron) but, alas, there is lust on them their backroads. With buxom beauties(Natasha Starr and Lynn LeMay) at the pumps it’s tough to keep your pants on your hips or your mind on business. Another oil shortage is imminent, so get in line with your friends and neighbors to help avert this crisis by Pumping Ethel.

1:19:02 | 608×448 | avi | 973Mb

Pumping Ethel (1989VHSRip)

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Pumping Ethel (1989VHSRip) Preview

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