[PascalsSubSluts.com] Alicia Dark – Concentrate on anal (2024)


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Today, with Alicia Dark back for a second visit, we’re going harder and deeper this time – as per usual for our returning SubSluts. Pascal likes to go just hard enough to ring their bell, to feel them out. Then, when they come back for more, it’s a matter of how hard can they go.
It’s a little sneaky trick we do here at PSS. Not unlike a first date, you don’t want to reveal everything up front. You want to give just enough to leave them wanting more, but not too much that you don’t have more to give the next time around, right?
So this week, as Pascal says, “we will concentrate on the anal.” You be the judge if he punished Alicia’s pussy enough in the first visit. But this time around, let there be no doubt, that ass shall be PLUNDERED. Enjoy!

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