[OopsFamily.com] Athena Anderson – Stress Relief (2023)


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One day, Athena Anderson was walking around the house and noticed her stepson was quite tense looking at his laptop screen. As a caring stepmother, she couldn’t help but let the stepson cool out. She comes to him to ask what’s going on. The stepson replies that he has an exam soon but is very nervous and can’t pull himself together. Athena realizes this is precisely when her help is needed the most. She gently touches his shoulders and begins to massage his neck and back, but after a while, she feels this is not enough. Athena decides to try a remedy that works flawlessly on her stepson’s father. She gradually descends with her hands to his shorts, pulls out his erect penis, and starts jerking it off. Embarrassed stepson says he is not sure this will help him cope with the stress. Little did he know that Athena took his words as a challenge. Before he could say anything else, her lips were wrapped around the tip of his cock. Sucking on her stepson’s shaft, Athena feels unquenchable tension through his cock and balls. Well, then, the last resort remains. She slowly sits down on his stiff rod, with only one goal to squeeze it so hard that he cums inside her and can finally relax. She feels how the strokes of his penis accelerate, and soon the stepson explodes with his seed on her fit body and tits. Once again, Athena’s pleased because that only confirms there is no better stepmother than her.

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