[Onlyfans.com] Lanie Luxx – Third Fuck Machine Vid – Anal Reshoot (2023)


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THE THIRD FUCK MACHINE VID — ANAL RESHOOT πŸ“ΈThe folks who donated $40+ to the campaign get this vid for free in their inbox, and since it’s on the shorter side, this is by far the cheapest of the three vids! $9.99 on the free page, 7.99 here on paid. Also I’m on a time crunch and CBA censoring the trailer, it goes uncensored elsewhere on the internet anyways πŸ˜‚

CONTENT — This is a little under 11 minutes, but almost entirely action since it was the second time I filmed this. I’ll start by using my smaller starter dildo on myself and slapping my ass a few times, then I’ll mount the smaller of my fuck machine dildos, and start off fairly slow. At around 4:45 I turn the fuck machine ALL the way up to MAX speed, but I only last about 15 seconds before it slips out and I have to start again. I’ll work my way back to max speed again, though not going as deep as before, and there is about 45seconds like this including an orgasm (biting my pillow to not wake my neighbors) before I slow it down again. I fucking love anal and I love the euphoric sensation of letting it completely have at me πŸ₯΅ The rest of the vid is slow and steady with some very long orgasms near the end~ Then I’ll show you my lubed-up and g4ping stretched asshole and call it a night <3 DISCLAIMERS -- if you saw my mass message about this, there is some extra wetness involved, I did my best to keep it to a minimum boner-retaining level. It's a natural part of anal, so if you didn't know this happens, I'm happy to indoctrinate you to the anal knowledge club! If you consider yourself a hygrophiliac, send me a pm after unlocking this on OF, I have an extra clip for you πŸ₯° EXTRAS -- If you buy this by unlocking a post or message I'll include some cute photos, I will say the pics were before my wax and the vid was after so there's a disconnection there but it's all good shit! Most the pics have been or will be on the VIP feed already πŸ™‚ THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE I'm real proud of this, and glad I took the time to refilm it :^) As always if you buy content from me, sending dick pics and tributes is free, and encouraged ❀️ mp4 | 472.92 MB | 00:10:42 | 1280X720
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