[nubilefilms.com] Chanel Camryn, Freya Parker – Dress To Impress – S10:E7 (2024)


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Freya Parker and Chanel Cameryn are great roommates. Part of what helps them work so well together is that Freya has a huge crush on Chanel. She approaches Chanel one day and confides that she has a crush on someone. Chanel coaxes Freya into going to her room to get dressed to impress so she can go for it!

Freya takes the advice, retreating to her room and slipping into something very sexy. Her dress has plenty of wow factor, but before she goes back downstairs Freya sends Chanel a text confessing her crush. Returning to the living room, Freya soaks in Chanel’s compliments and then suggests that Chanel check her phone.

Understanding blossoms as Chanel reads the text and then looks up at Freya with a hungry gaze. It turns out that Freya isn’t the only one with a crush. The girls come together almost reverently, caressing and touching each other as they use their fingers and hands to learn each other’s bodies in this new leaf of their relationship.

Moving to the bedroom, the ladies begin to shed their clothes oh so slowly. Gradually, Chanel eases Freya back onto the bed. She slides Freya’s thong aside and flicks her tongue out to taste her roommate’s sweet heat. Then she goes for a full on pussy feast that has Freya arching her back off the bed in bliss.

Getting Chanel on her knees is all Freya can think of as she rubs her hand down her lover’s ass and fondles her clit. She explores carefully and reverently, sliding her fingers down Chanel’s slick slit and then going in with her tongue. She probes and slurps, leaving Chanel nice and drenched in her passion.

The girls lay together side by side, their fingers stroking each other’s clits. That dual pussy diddling continues until they come together with Chanel on top of Freya, clit to clit so they can scissor together. Their tribbing brings them both off one last time, capping off a satisfying first date.

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