[MixedX.com] Amirah Adara, Misha Cross – Sunlit Ambitions (2024)


Tags : Brunette, Cunnilingus, Foot Fetish, Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation, Tribbing, Fingering

In the shadows of time, Misha, an ancient vampire who has traversed the centuries,harbors ambitions of constructing an empire that rivals any seen before.Possessing unfathomable intelligence, she yearns to establish her dominion over the vampire world.Yet, despite her desires, Misha Cross is confined to a perpetual existence shrouded in darkness,forever denied the simple pleasure of feeling the warm touch of sunlight.
Driven by this unquenchable longing, she hatches a daring plan:to create a revolutionary skincare company that offers a special body lotion,enabling vampires to once again bask in the sun’s radiance, and live as mortals do.Forever frozen in her youthful appearance since being turned into a vampire at a tender age,Misha possesses a captivating beauty that mirrors her insatiable ambition.She seeks to proliferate her vampire line, aiming to shape the future with her own progeny.As the revered owner of this renowned company, Misha skillfully advertises eternal youth,amassing vast wealth and success.
Assisting her in her endeavors is Amirah Adara, a trusted ally and lover.Together, they scour the world for talented individuals to join their cause.It is during this search that they discover Kelly,a young and driven beauty enthusiast infatuated with the allure of lotions and elixirs.Amirah headed to pick up Kelly, but her vampire hunger overwhelmed her,leading to a tragic outcome. When she returned to her Boss, a mix of surprise and anger surfaced,yet an unexpected surge of love for Amirah’s insatiable craving also emerged within her.

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