Missed A Spot (2024)


Octavia Red has been working with a dating coach, Rebecca Vanguard, to give her an edge when she’s meeting guys. Little does she know, however, that Rebecca didn’t start this coaching to help women date men… She started so that she could have an easy time seducing women for herself! Kylie Rocket, a housecleaner, arrives at Coco Lovelock’s luxurious house. Coco is a rich married woman and Kylie has been tasked to clean her house. But as Kylie starts cleaning, it becomes clear that she’s NOT very good at it. As Kylie continues cleaning, she starts trying to subtly seduce Coco. Coco tries to ignore Kylie at first but is both scandalized and aroused by such boldness! Sonny McKinley’s a superfan of the series Hentai Sex School and, as luck would have it, today she gets to meet one of her idols! After having won a contest, Sonny will be having a 1-on-1 with none other than Dee Williams, the voice actress for Sonny’s favorite character, Principal Coldsnatch. When Sonny arrives at Dee’s house, Dee warmly ushers her inside and they get comfortable on the couch together. As they speak, it’s clear that there’s some attraction between the two, and when Dee comments that she recently received a cosplay outfit of Principal Coldsnatch, she comes up with a fun (and naughty) idea.

Category: Lesbian, MILF, Oral, Fingering, Big Tits, Rimming,
Starring: Coco Lovelock, Dee Williams, Kylie Rocket, Octavia Red, Rebecca Vanguard, Sonny McKinley
Language: English

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