[LoveHerFeet.com] Emma Hix, Blake Blossom – Surprise Guest (2023)


Tags : Foot-Fetish, Lesbian

Streaming in the living room is hard due to possible distractions and interruptions. However, Blake Blossom didn’t think of that when she started her stream. The beautiful blonde hottie thinks her boyfriend will not get home until late at night, so she continues showing off her new high heels to her followers. The first one Blake wears is a black stiletto pump with chain straps. The next one is a silver open-heel stiletto pump. Wanting to see how the shoes will look with her bare legs, Blake takes off her pants. She then wears beautiful open-toe stiletto sandals with transparent straps. As Blake continues showing off her sexy legs and new high heels, her boyfriend’s sister barges in the front door. Blake can’t help but be surprised by the sudden appearance of Emma Hix. Blake tries to encourage Emma to join her in the streaming biz. Although the gorgeous blonde in a beautiful pink dress expresses her hesitance, it is clear on her face that she is curious as to what Blake is sharing with her. Blake finally rouses Emma’s interest, making her join her broadcast. With the insistence of the fans, Emma shows her beautiful feet in beautiful beige stiletto sandals. The stunning white French toenail polish perfectly matches the light color of her high heels. Showing off their feet makes the beautiful blondes horny. Unable to control themselves, they start giving each other sensual foot worship. Blake grabs Emma’s sexy feet and starts licking her soles and sucking her toes. Emma does the same thing to her brother’s sisters. The naughty hottie takes turns eating out each other’s pussy. They also use their feet to tickle each other’s juicy vaginas. Emma sits on Blake’s face, letting her enjoy the taste of her pussy while she worships her feet. The naughty blondes end their sudden lesbian foot worship show with a promise of Emma joining Blake’s broadcast again in the future.

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