Larkin Love – Eating My Naughty Student Whole (


This video was originally a custom order. To create your own custom video, email [email protected] for a price quote.) Alright settle down. This is detention, not recess. If you’re here, it means you’ve been a very naughty boy. It means you need to be punished. And if sitting here quietly isn’t punishment enough, well, I don’t think you want to push your luck . . . Can’t behave yourself, eh? I know how to deal with a little upstart like you. First I’ll seduce you by oiling up my big tits and tattooed stomach. Mm, I know you’re enjoying the view. I can see how much my body turns you on. Come in close for a kiss, honey. Just a little closer. Mmmmwah! I’ve got you now! Hah, you boys are so easy to fool. Now you’re shrinking right before my very eyes. And suddenly, I’ve become quite hungry. You look so tasty. I must confess, I love the feeling of a living student wriggling all the way down my throat into my belly. If you thought detention would last forever, it has nothing on the eternity you’ll spend in my tummy! Starring Larkin Love VORE – GIANTESS – SHRINKING FETISH – TRANSFORMATION – MOUTH FETISH – BREASTS ON FACE – BELLY FETISH – OIL FETISH – BIG TITS
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