Larkin Love – Down My Throat, Into My Belly (


It’s been fun having a little man as a pet. But I’m afraid you’re getting a bit boring. It’s time to dispose of you, my itty bitty. I could flush you down the toilet like a goldfish, but you deserve better than that. Besides, I’m rather hungry. You look so tasty. Let me just have a little lick . . . Mmm, you’re delicious! I just have to eat you up. Should I crush your bones between my mighty teeth? Should I swallow you whole? Decisions, decisions. Any which way I eat you, you’ll end up in the same place – sliding down my throat inch by inch until you reach my belly. It feels so good to have you struggling inside my stomach. I love feeling you move around inside me as I press on my churning, gurgling stomach. (1920 x 1080 resolution, mp4 format) GIANTESS – VORE – MOUTH FETISH – TONGUE FETISH – SWALLOWING – BELLY RUBBING – BURPING
0:10:24 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 99Mb


larkin-love-down-my-throat-into-my-belly-2018-04-05 2jVR5v Preview