Larkin Love – Disinterested in Your Orgasm (


Why are you interrupting my reading? You want to cum again, don’t you. I’m afraid you do that all too often. You rely on your orgasms. Your mind is clouded. You’re too driven for release, like an animal. From now on, you can best serve me through denying yourself ejaculation. I want you to masturbate for me – to my image, my beauty, the thought of me – all the way to the brink of orgasm. But don’t cross the threshold. No more orgasms for you. And no more hooking up with girls. Your orgasms belong to me now, and I will see them wither in your body before I see them spent anywhere else. I will teach you focus and control. Through denial, you will set yourself free. Well, what are you waiting for? You have your orders. Now leave me to read in peace. Starring Larkin Love CHASTITY – IGNORE – ORGASM CONTROL – ORGASM DENIAL – VERBAL SCOLDING – DISINTEREST – COLD DEMEANOR – FEMALE DOMINATION – SLAVE TRAINING
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