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Cuck Houseboy Gets The Boot) After a long night of partying, it feels good to come home to a clean house. My little cuckold houseboy takes care of everything from the carpet to the dishes. (And if he knows what’s good for him, I don’t have to tell him twice.) I take a seat in the living room and tell him all about my big night out – how I danced my ass off at the club, got tipsy, and hooked up with two hung, muscled studs. I fucked both of them at the same time! Man, it’s good to get out of the house and spend some time with real honest-to-god men, instead of my wimpy little cuck. While I’m bragging, I notice that my boots are totally filthy from my walk from the car to the apartment. Ugh, gross. Good thing I have a houseboy to clean up after my adventures. No, don’t use a towel, little guy. Put that tongue of yours to good use! I want to see that leather shine! When he gags from the taste, I threaten him with punishment, and tilt his head back down to the task. After he licks up all the mud, I unzip my boots to reveal the NASTIEST foot odor I have ever encountered. Wow, I have never smelled anything so wretched in my entire life. I danced for hours in those boots, filling them with sweat and funk. I didn’t even take them off to get double-teamed! Well, it’s up to my little cuck-slave to lap them clean again. I shove my feet into his reluctant mouth over and over again until all the crusty, congealed sweat is off my skin (and all over his). When he complains, I simply laugh and tie one of my rank, sopping stockings around his neck. Silly boy. He should know by now that houseboys have to earn my attention. Only REAL MEN get to have this pussy. Starring Larkin Love. FEMALE DOMINATION – FOOT DOMINATION – SLAVE-BOY – FOOT FETISH – STINKY FEET – DIRTY BOOTS – BOOT LICKING – FOOT SMELLING – CUCKOLD – BIG TITS
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