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So if you’re a fan of the hit Bravo TV series ‘Million Dollar Listing – Los Angeles?’ or more specifically Heather Altman, the wife of Josh Altman the series main star, then today’s hot Milf Whitney is your wet dream. You see Whitney poses a remarkable resemblance to Heather. They could be sisters, or cousins, and during her submission video she reveals she’s from Southern Cali, same as Heather, and even more remarkable she illustrates the same mannerisms and body characteristics / hand gestures when she talks, and if it weren’t for her tats she could pose as her celebrity impersonator. Remarkable, and I even bet Heather and Whitney have similar pussies. They’re both rail thin with strikingly similar figures, so giddy up cowboy because today’s sex or fantasy fest is filled with a few firsts. So if you must get to know Whitney a little more than you can watch her interview and ruin the fantasy. But like how any good waiter would suggest skipping the appetizers or tell you to not fill up on the bread at a top-notch phenomenal steak house, so shall I, and lets jump right into the monologue shall we. ‘So tell the camera Heather, I mean Whitney, what your favorite position is with my dick in your mouth,’ asked Tyler Nixon at (27:39). ‘Dawggy,’ LOL was Whitney’s response with a massive Mouth Bulge Cock Sandwich and this just sets the tone for today. Sexy as fuck and we find out that all it takes to get Whitney’s waterworks turned on is a little kiss and this happened at (12:47) and we find out just how wet that kiss got this woman’s pussy at (13:26) when we got up-close and personal with Whitney’s baby making factory from behind. Next we all discovered how flexible and fun today’s woman is at (14:56) when Whitney demonstrated how she could put her legs behind her head for very easy access. Love it, but lets not get ahead of ourselves because Tyler made Whitney Squirt twice at (17:46 & 18:16) for her first two orgasms of the day. She had 6 total BTW for the day and of course there was lots of pussy licking and toy play which she excelled at. But we find out that Whitney’s a Toe Curling goddess and the first of much Toe Curling happened at (26:22) and O #3 immediately followed at (26:58). Next it’s time for some dick and Tyler tells her to flip around for Doggy, her favorite position BTW, and she looks confused explaining, “I forgot My Left & Right” at (28:05) and don’t worry honey we got you. To be honest there’s too many great points of interest in this video because this woman likes to fuck when there’s a connection and there was definitely a connection today and she eventually tapping out in Lazy Dog when choked and bent like a moldable Gumby doll at (30:53). The way she arches her ass as Tyler pounds her from behind as she begs him at (35:09) to fuck her ‘Just-Like-That’ is what makes a man’s dick hard. And when Tyler instructs her to hold her leg and look back as he fucks her some more in Lazy Dog and she replies, “Yes Daddy” at (36:22) Well Ohhhhhhh boy! And this girl is the ‘Take-A-Stranger-Home’ prize we all wish we’d meet at the bar and be lucky enough to have a fun filled night of sit and spin with her. This is also the time she puts her own finger up her ass at (37:13) and the look of amazement and wonder she expresses from it is the look a women gives when totally submitting to her partner because it’s just so good. Tyler then asks her if she can fill his thick cock pounding in and out of her pussy while her finger is up her asshole and she says with that ever present smile, “Oh yea, It feels so good,” at (37:35). Love it, but when she says she needs to wash her finger now at (37:49) because she’s such a sanitary girl is just a little peak into the window of what future events will unfold when she licks Tyler’s ass for the very first time at (57:18). I’m telling you, and not to jump ahead and spoil the surprise but yes, this is the very first time she’s ever done this because she doesn’t do it for very long and even runs to the bathroom to wash her mouth out with Listerine because her motherly voice is telling her how unsanitary it is LOL. Love it double and if there was ever a reason for ExCoGi Steve to have started to shoot porn? Well it was for these precious moments when a woman would lick someone’s asshole, a total stranger’s asshole mind you, for the very first time while perverted fucks like myself capture it on moving pictures, and soon to be 4K quality also, so thousands of adoring fans could beat their meats or rub one out to it. It’s also so very hot when she says, “You’re going to make me cum,” at (47:49) and then declares, “Fuck! That feels so FUCKING good!” at (49:53) as Tyler fucks her in side spoon, and then she does twice back-to-back orgasms at (50:43 & 50:57). Wow!!!! And this is followed immediately with uncontrolled pleasure, “I’m cumming right now, right now, right now,” as her eyes roll back in her head after her 5 th orgasm of the day. Glad you’re having a great time Whitney and fast forward to when Tyler asks her to lick his ass at (55:49) and she states, “You want me to lick your ass?” as she laughs it off but because the magic wand is vibrating on her clit and the pleasure is so great she agrees to it. It always amazes me when very naughty and seemingly unsanitary acts are agreed to because the pleasure zone overrides reasonable thought and says she’ll do it for maybe 10 seconds, and guess what? She did it for exactly 10 seconds before running to the bathroom as I explained earlier. Tyler then sucked her toes at (1:08:44) in missionary blah, blah, blah and at (1:14:27) Tyler asks her if she’s ever let a guy cum on her face and she reply’s, “Sometimes . . . Not often, it’s rare,” and that rare not very often moment happened at (1:16:48) with the biggest load of cum to glaze that pretty little redheaded face of hers that she’s ever had. So hot, so hot, and she even begs for his load on her face and agreed to taste his cum at (1:14:36) and the eye contact is intense. So again, everything sounds fun, exciting, and like a good idea before you cum and then well . . . you Cum, and then it’s shower time. I know this was a long write up so if you made it to the end, thank you, and you’re a rock star. Steve

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