Heisser Sex Auf Malle – Hot Sex in Mallorca


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Genre: German, Mature, MILF, Outdoors, Public, Couples, European
Duration: 01:44:29

Cast: Stephanie, Svana

Everyone knows that the Germans love Majorca, but for some sluts from the Fatherland it’s the sex that attracts them rather than the sea and sunshine as this wanton delight from the imagination of German Tramps is only too eager to underline. They’re not interested in partying to all hours, or in soaking up the rays. They just want to get their hands not to mention their mouths and pussies around as much hard cock as possible; and suffice it to say it’s next to no time before they’re slurping for all they’re worth, before riding every hard inch on offer like it’s what they were born to do. All of which makes for the kind of blistering porn that will have you spurting in no time; and which leaves these beauties utterly soaked!