Feuchte Traume (1992/DVDRip)


Starring: Cynthia Tano, Yves Baillat, Leanna Foxxx, Norman Gray, Antonio Monti, Letizia Stovinsky, Karel Good, Lara Sanchez

Do you know Mr. Lehmann? Not? Well, you will like him. Mr. Lehmann is this sarcastic studio worker, who always sets up and dismantles the decorations in the porn studios and chats them out of the box. Today he talks about a young lady who, while reading De Sade, is surprised by her boyfriend, who of course immediately lets the sadist hang out. He also tells of the hammer carriers who prefer to sink their big fuck-slings into the tight, virgin anal openings of young fuck-mice and other horny adventures that happen all around the studio…

1:19:43 | 720×576 | mkv | 858Mb

Feuchte Traume (1992DVDRip)

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Feuchte Traume (1992DVDRip) Preview