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Get ready everyone for one of the sweetest, most petite, and absolutely adorable tatted up newbies to slit licking we have ever had here on the excogigirls bed. Meet Catalina, it’s her first sex on camera and it’s her first time lesbian also so it’s a double treat, and don’t let all of her body art spoil or taint your judgment of this super sweet and sexually inexperienced first time flower because all of her body art mean’s something special and is very important to her. But back to just how innocent and sweet this girl is because I’ve taken note of a few members’ requests to focus on when and how often a girl masturbates and this interview should please those horny and perverted ears. Let’s see what else is special about Catalina, well she also has the most dainty and perfectly adorably / charming vagina and butthole. And when this little girl walked through our doors it was like Little Bo Peep in wolfs clothing, and I mean this in the most edgy sexy way possible. There isn’t anything about this girl not worth paying attention to. Her tits are perfect, and I do mean perfect. Women pay ten’s of thousands of dollars to get breasts this perfect and the tit Gods overly blessed Catalina. I know I just want to lay her petite naked body down and play with her nipples and lightly suck and nibble on them while spreading her perfectly small and compact vagina lips while slowly beginning to circle her eagerly wet and moist clit with my index finger. I also want to do naughty things to that small and tight as fuck little asshole parked right next door because both her holes are worth sticking your tongue up them for hours. I’m speaking for myself obviously but I think Catalina is perfect and as her body art reads, Made In Heaven is right and God broke the mold when he created this vision of sexual purity and excellence of the female form, and guess what? Today is the first time Catalina has ever had sex with another girl. My dick’s getting harder and harder just thinking about watching her lick slit for the first time and witnessing her O face as the magic wand starting at (48:21) forcefully spreads her pussy lips and dances over that tiny clit as her face is buried in Megan’s vagina. But I’m getting ahead of myself because her first lick of pussy happens at (45:33) and it’s a special time in every young girls life when she realizes girls are softer and lick pussy better than boys. Catalina even confesses her new found love of sex with girls during her post slit licking debriefing and she’s just too adorable. Lets see more highlights worth mentioning are at (1:19:30) and after Megan finishes licking that most perfectly beautiful little pussy we get the most wonderful glance at Catalina’s girl juices that are flowed out of her love hole before the girls switch positions. Catalina’s enjoying herself all right for her first time licking slit and gives Megan an orgasm with just her tongue. You members have been requesting this so I hope you enjoy it because how creamy Catalina gets at (1:19:27) as Megan munches her muff is proof enough of how turned on she is. Her pussy for orgasm #3 at (1:27:58) just oozes out her girl juices and they drip down her lips slowly and onto her stomach as we watch in amazement of Catalina’s arch in face down ass up position while Megan thrusts the double headed dildo up her love canal. Lots going on here and if this scene doesn’t do it for you then we aren’t the site for you. I loved this newbie and she’s exactly what excogigirls is all about. So sit back and enjoy the show and until next weeks update, Cheers. Steve

P.S. It’s also Catalina’s first time using sex toys and you have to listen to the interview. Precious, it’s also super precious and cute when Catalina tooted at (1:42:22) as she sat down on the wooden bench in the shower. She even farts adorable and I bet it smelt like flowers.

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