[EvilAngel.com] Lady Gang Anal Vice Keeps Her Man Home – Anal Virtue #6 (2024)


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Longhaired brunette babe Lady Gang is suspicious about her husband, Yanick Shaft. After getting ready for a day out, the busty vixen pretends to leave the house, catching Yanick red-handed as he chats to another woman. Lady Gang confronts him, but instead of scolding her man, she shows him what she can do in a wild, intense session of anal sex. Lady Gang drops to her knees, choking on Yanick’s big cock while giving a messy blowjob. Pulling his prick from her wet mouth, she asks, ‘Who is better now?’ David bends her over and plows her cunt, making Lady Gang whimper in ecstasy. He follows up by stuffing his shaft up her ass for a furious buttfuck. The epic afternoon of sodomy serves up rectal gaping and ass-to-mouth fellatio, plus a spit-slick titty fuck. Lithe Lady Gang rides Yanick’s meat hard! He finishes her off with a cum facial, spattering hot sperm over her outstretched tongue.

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