Eine Ganz Normale Familie


(A Totally Normal Family) is a snapshot of hardcore family fun from the Schmit household which starts with a young husband and wife team getting a bit frisky in the bedroom. They slowly strip off and she dips her head to take his hard cock deep into her mouth – teasing the end with the tip of her tongue. He reciprocates by delving deep into her shaved pussy with his tongue and fingers, but no sooner has he plunged his cock into his wife, he pulls out to shoot over her bald mound. Talk about pre-mature! But, never one to give up; after a quick bath he’s hard again and raring to go and this time his stamina is much improved and for a finale, he washes off his second load of cum with about a gallon of piss, showering his smiling missus with his warm liquid. The action then sees that a dark haired guy has told his friends to wait for him at the bottom of the stairs whilst he goes to see if his sister is in. She’s reading a book and obviously very randy because in no time at all, her panties are pulled to one side and her unshaven cousin is licking her furry pussy and dipping his fingers in deep. Meanwhile, the couple downstairs are feeling a little frisky and they start to touch each other. We then watch the action unfold as the camera shifts between the interaction of the siblings upstairs and the couple on the stairs and the encounters with both is equally heated and passionate, with blowjobs and hard fucking in an array of positions with both guys exploding with a grunt of complete and utter satisfaction when they have finally spent their worth. The final scene is a gathering of the remainder of the family in different parts of the house with a disheveled blonde receiving a resounding fisting on the kitchen counter and a big, fat mama with a huge arse getting her jollies from the unshaven cousin. is nearly an hour and a half of family fun, straight from the masterminds of P.

1:26:35 | 512×384 | avi | 695Mb

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