[clips4sale.com] Galas Baloons – POV Dr Galas 2 (2024)


Tags : Blowjob, Cosplay

Custom Request~ The plot is you welcoming the patient who is laying on the exam table, with his bottoms on. You comment how he has been one of your favorite patients for so many years, and you were really surprised to read his chart that he is having troubles with getting/maintaining erections. You explain to him you will be conducting a visual and physical sensory neurological test to determine a diagnosis. For the visual test, you pull up your skirt and use your vibrator to cum as many times as you want in front of the patient. You tell the patient, ” i probably shouldn’t be doing this”. Next for the physical test, you lay down on your stomach with your heels still on at an angle so your ass and legs and heels are in view. You remove his trousers, and say “don’t be shy, it’s ok, this won’t hurt at all”, his cock enters your mouth for the start of a long edging BJ. After the first few minutes of the BJ, your heels come off. You continue a slow edging BJ, with lots of slow movements of your nylon feet and toes, and you dirty talk, “your cock has gotten much harder since i removed my heels, do my nylon feet excite you while i suck your cock” Continue the dirty talk and slow movements of your nylon feet until he climaxes. You softly say, ” i want you to give me all your load in my mouth, ok?” After he climaxes, you continue with post cum and you accuse him of being dishonest about his erections, he was just looking for an excuse for a BJ and to see your nylon feet. You whisper softly, as the post come continues “That’s OK, you are one of my favorite patients.”

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