Women seeking Women #24

Starring: Amazon, Michelle, Capri, Shayna, Penny, Veronica, Sydney, Courtney

Capri and Shayna are the two women on the box cover of Women Seeking Women 24. A younger brunette enters the bedroom where an older, lingerie-clad, short-haired blonde with a hot body is lying on the bed. The younger girl immediately begins stroking the older woman’s body, concentrating on her very nice, long, bare legs. It was clear that the younger woman was in charge. She did a good job in the dominant role, at one point pinning the older woman down while kissing and caressing her. A good scene! Courtney is a cheerleader and Sydney is her coach. Sydney has Courtney do a few routines, and then the younger girl offers to help her coach paint some signs, so they go to Sydney’s house. There, Courtney surreptitiously drinks some wine while her coach tries on a new gown she’s just purchased. Courtney then discovers the coach’s vibrator, and follows that up by somewhat clumsily seducing the older woman into having sex with her. Veronica and Penny are two women wearing beautiful gowns who end up having sex together. There is some nice stroking and caressing, and one of them produces a vibrator. The Amazon and Michelle is the best on this entire dvd. Michelle has an overly-tattooed body and she plays an excellent submissive. She’s also incredibly hot when paired here with ultra-dominant Amazon! These two really look like they’re having fun together! Amazon brings a bag of toys which she uses on Michelle, from a ball gag to cellophane and hot wax. What makes it so good is her constant attention to Michelle’s body, fondling, squeezing, kissing, caressing, and spanking the kinky blonde – there’s nothing mechanical about any of it! This scene also involves some cellophane wrapping and, of course, there’s some excellent strap-on action with Amazon taking the very submissive Michelle from behind. Scenes one and especially scene four make this one a winner.

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2:57:10 | 512×288 | avi | 1395Mb

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