Women seeking Women #22

Starring: Belle, Katrina, Courtney, Puma, Danielle, Sydney, Irina, Michelle

Women Seeking Women 22 maintains the standard of toyless, real lesbian intimacy and passion. If there is a central sexual theme to this dvd, it’s the art of fingering. There are four scenes, the first involving Michelle and Irina. Michelle is a tattooed, multi-colored hair biker chick. What these two lack in beauty, they make up for in passion. Each enjoys multiple orgasms. They are really hot for each other and that comes across. In the second scene, Puma plays the high school volleyball coach who consoles Courtney, who didn’t make the team. The best part of this scene is the idea of first time seduction. Scene three, between Belle and Katrina, is an interracial tryst. Belle meets Katrina at a tennis court and Katrina gives Belle her first lesson. The passion is real and intense. The finale between Danielle and Sydney is in the style of the Girls In White series, complete with gowns and gloves.

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2:59:35 | 720×536 | avi | 1085Mb

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