Women seeking Women #18

Starring: Celeste, Elexis, Ginger, Mysti, Jassie, Lilliana, Kaiya, Kina

Women Seeking Women 18 is a fine volume of this series, and all the scenes are worth seeing. Elexis and Celeste are very warm and sensual together as they pleasure each other in the sort of scene Girlfriends Films specializes in – long, slow sessions of sweet lovemaking filled with kissing, caressing, and foreplay. Elexis rarely disappoints. Ginger and Mysti are an interesting contrast of physical types – Mysti is sandy-haired, tanned, voluptuous, and earthy, while Ginger is dark-haired, pale, thin, and seems like the sort you’d find partying at a New York club at 3:00 A.M. While this scene lacks the tenderness and sensuality of the previous scene, it does have some great moments. Ginger is very into it and kisses her friend with a great deal of enthusiasm. She seems very excited about sucking her partner’s full, firm breasts and takes them deep into her mouth as she gently cups them in the palm of her hand. This is a friends having fun together sort of scene, and most of the attention is confined to the basic erogenous zones of mouth, breasts, and crotch. Jassie and Lilliana are both very sweet and likeable. The seduction at the beginning is very well done, with dark-haired Jassie playfully cajoling and teasing shy-yet-willing Lilliana. There is lots of kissing and breast sucking, plus the girls are enthusiastic and seem to genuinely like each other. Kaiya and Kina round things off with lots of kissing in a tender finale.

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