Women Seeking Women #14

Starring: Anna, Valerie, Brianna, Gia, Elexis, Michelle, Lisa, Shannon

What’s hotter than seeing some sweet young bi-curious chick take her first, tentative kisses toward full fledged bisexuality or lesbianism? Not much, which is one reason this series is so consistently satisfying. Add attractive women who look like they actually live in the real world, realistic settings, believable interactions and genuine chemistry. The results in Women Seeking Women 14 are four consistently enjoyable scenes that discourage use of the fast-forward button. Blonde Anna gives brunette Valerie her first taste of another woman’s love, Michelle and Alexis meet at the beach, Brianna and Gia decide to exchange "I love you’s," and Shannon and Lisa get distracted from the work of preparing for a heterosexual date.

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2:22:41 | 512×384 | mp4 | 1120Mb

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