Sins Of The Flesh (1997/DVDRip)

Starring: Mark Davis, David Hardman, Nancy Vee, Katie Gold, Nikki Neals, Leanna Hart, Brandon Iron, Shelby Myne, Herschel Savage, Marylin Star, Dakota, Heidi Dalton, Lea Stevenson, Monti Maya, Kari Cassidy, Alyssa Ray

Adolfo is a brilliant- talented artist. He wants nothing more than to enter the sacred brotherhood of the Church- and to devote his life to his church- and striving to be a man of God and Virtue. He fights every day not to be led astray by the temptations of the flesh. One day- while out in the countryside sketching with his friend Fernando- Adolfo meets and becomes enraptured with the beauty of a country girl called Michaela. He struggles with mounting indecent thoughts- uncontrollable desires of the flesh- wild erotic fantasies- and scorn for those who drink from the forbidden chalice of lust. Though he admonishes himself constantly for allowing his mind to stray from the Path and it’s purity- he cannot stop fantasizing about carnal bliss with the beautiful Michaela.Confused by his virginal naivete- he mistakes lust for love … and falls deep into the pit of sin and damnation.

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